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Panades (5)
Our best seller! Corn patties stuffed with hashed buffalo fish and garnished with a sweet vegetable sauce.

Garnaches (3)
Crispy, round fried corn tortillas, topped with refried beans, a lettuce sauce, shredded cheese & a ketchup sauce.

Salsanaches (3)
A delicious twist on a Belizean favorite, Salsanaches come topped with fresh salsa create a totally unique taste.

Conch Fritters (4)
Seafood delicacy of minced conch seasoned with various Caribbean spices.

Plantain Chips

Fresh green plantain thinly sliced and deep fried. Similar to crunchy potato chips.

Tamales (w/ Chicken)
A Belizean Favorite – Fresh vegetables & whole chicken leg encased in fresh masa dough and steamed.

Guacamole Dip
Made to order with fresh avocado, tomato, onion, lime & cilantro. Served with fresh plantain chips.

Jerk Wings (6)
Jerk Seasoned wings, grilled to perfection. Served with our spicy jerk sauce.
(Upgrade to Jerk Wings Dinner, served with rice & beans, plantain & salad choice!)

Appetizer 3-3-1 Platter
As good as it gets: 3 Panades, 3 Jerk Wings, and 1 Garnaches.

DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS (Served 11:30a.m.-3:00p.m.)
Our meats are marinated with bell pepper, onions, vinegar, paprika & black pepper, then slow stewed and baked to perfection. Very tender and packed with flavor. All lunches are served with choice rice & beans, stew beans or split peas, fried ripe plantain and choice salad (garden salad, steamed cabbage, or Belizean potato salad)

Belizean Stew Chicken
Stew Beef (Pot Roast)
Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Quarter chicken, marinated with Jamaican spices & slow cooked on our grill. Served with side rice & beans, fried ripe plantains & salad options, as well as our spicy jerk sauce.

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